Monday, June 20, 2016

Life in the Field: We Went to the Zoo!

This week was super duper fun! We had zone conference, P-day on Tuesday, and just a bunch of activities! 

My companion fell asleep in a lesson.... this guy... haha! What can you do... just gotta love him. We had some good lessons this week. It was interesting how the week went. Not the best numbers, but we worked hard. We are working a lot on cleaning the ward list and trying to find all the less actives. We are hoping to have a baptism on the July 2! Wooo!!!!!!!!! We had four people come to church and one of them is waiting to get married within the next few weeks! We might have two baptisms! :) I'm stoked!

We were walking in the street and I saw a cow just walking like nothing.... so random! I had to take a picture. We live in the city but I swear, everything is possible in mexico. I remember in Guadalajara  being living in the city, and people are pulling carts with horses.... Haha! It's awesome!

Besides that, I have completed 21 months in the mission! Wooo!!!!! we took some pictures with Jorge. He is awesome. He has the cool dog. I'm old in the mission! 69 more days and I'm home! Am I counting? Haha ooops! Don't worry, I'm working hard, but I'm pretty stoked to see you guys soon! Miss you all a ton!

We went to the zoo today and saw some cool animals... a white tiger pegged me with his pee which was interesting! I went to the bathroom to bathe in the sink! Hahaha! We basically touched a few animals as well. I could have touched the lions if i wanted. We played with some monkeys as well and the mom got mad at me and grabbed my finger super hard! Hahaha! It freaked me out, but made me laugh a lot. Super fun day!

I'm studying super hard and I'm enjoying Spanish. I'm hoping to get it mastered. I'm studying really hard, and also reading Isaiah and Alma right now!

I hope you are all happy and that everything is good! 


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