Monday, June 13, 2016

Life in the Field: Zone Conference

This week was super fast and at the same time kinda annoying. We had a lot of appointments fall through that we had planned... 

We had zone meeting and zone conference this week, so I got my package! WOOO awesome Poptarts and Maui chips! Can't beat that! Hahaha! You're awesome! I love you guys a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!! The meetings were really awesome. I really liked the zone conference because it was funny and now we can use sunglasses and cool hats! Hahaha! The missionary uniform has changed... well not changed but now we can use sunglasses and hats. The sisters are going to use pants!!!!!!!!!!!! It is because of mosquitoes, and keeping safe from viruses they carry. In the next two weeks, all the sisters in the mission are going to have to use pants or long skirts or dresses. That will be weird! Hahaha!

Today we had a district activity, so we didn't go to the zoo, but I'm hoping soon that we will. I want to go see the big cats! They're always the coolest. Today was fun playing soccer and Jenga. Last night we played card games until 2:00 AM, so I'm really tired. We had some missionaries sleeping in our house, so we played around!

Sister Eggington loved my pink tie! Hahaha! It's pretty awesome that president and his wife are so loving are awesome. They make me laugh so much. During the meeting I got a phone call from the offices of the mission asking me what airport I would like to return to when I end the mission! SOOOO NUTS! I cant believe the time is going so fast!

Love you all! 

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