Monday, July 11, 2016

Life in the Field: Baptism of Paola

This week was really great. A lot of work, and success! It went by super fast, but it was fun. 

We went on divisions this week and I went to Patzcuaro. I love that little town. it's so beautiful. As well we went to Tacambaro. It's beautiful as well. The only problem is that they ran out of gas in their apartment, so they are using a metal tube thing to heat up water. Pretty ghetto, but it works. It's super cold out there, so it's almost impossible to shower in cold water. I'm glad they had they ghetto tube thing! Haha! One time I had a companion who used our extra iron to heat water up.... haha! Mom is going to kill me for saying these things... just gotta be careful to not touch the water so you don't get zapped!

We had a baptism and it was super awesome! President was there because we had interviews that day. He shared a message and sang a hymn with us! It was super spiritual and everyone loved it. Paola and Benito were baptized! The bishop baptized them both and afterwards we enjoyed cake, sandwiches and talked. Overall a great night. When we got home, we bought a pizza to celebrate!

Saturday we had our activity with the youth of the stake. We worked super hard and it was pretty spiritual. It gave them the opportunity to work like us in the field. We taught some great lessons and a specific young man was able to invite the Spirit in the lessons. He didn't teach very well, but his desire brought the spirit into the lessons. More truth that we don't need to be the best teacher to invite the Spirit, we just need to try our best and the Spirit does the rest.

Today we walked around Morelia, and enjoyed the cool day. It's been rainy and cold, and the next day hot.... pretty weird but at least I'm not in Lazzaro where it's over 90 degrees and humid!

Well that's about it! President told me that I will most likely finish out my mission in Morelia, so I'm very happy about that! 
Thanks for the awesome package! You are the best!

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