Monday, July 18, 2016

Life in the Field: Last 6 Weeks & A New Companion

This week was good. I have a new companion! His name is Elder Ruiz, he is from DF, and he has 13 months in the mission. He is starting his first change as a District Leader, so I'll be helping him out with it all. I'm excited to keep on working in my last change! We ware hoping for a baptism in this change! Let's hope for the best!

We had an interesting experience this week. We were waiting for the Combi (Combi is a van that they use for transport here), and we were sitting on the bench, and we see a really drunk guy walking towards us. The first thing he did was start begging us for the Jello that we had in our hands, because we were just in a house and they gave them to us, so we just gave it to him and he just starts telling us about all of his problems, and it was really sad but it was interesting. We have so much luck with drunk people... they love missionaries! Hahaha!

Besides that, we had a zone meeting, it was pretty good. We are trying to work harder with members and not trying to work by ourselves.... it's harder, but in the long run it will be better! 

They changed the Areas this transfer a bunch! Now, it is just us & a pair of Sisters! It's pretty nuts all the changes in the Mission, but its nice to see a bunch of changes. There are a ton of new Sister missionaries! I wouldn't be surprised if there are more Sisters than Elders! :)

Elder Luna and I bought pizza to remember the companionship and to celebrate my 22 months in the mission. Pretty awesome. 41 days to go! Let's get crackin'!

This week we had a good lesson with Angelito. He is not very interested in the gospel, but we still teach him. He makes us laugh a ton! We had a really strong lesson this week with him. I decided that we should sing a hymn and it invite the Spirit. We sang, "I Need Thee Every Hour" and it was a great way to open the lesson. I hope you comes to church one day!

I'm ready to start working hard. I start a new program this week, that helps you transition to leave the mission field. It is the last 6 weeks, and he helps us remember how to stay active & righteous after our mission! We will see how it goes!

Love you all a ton! See you soon!

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