Monday, July 25, 2016

Life in the Field: A New Family

This week was really great. We have three new investigators and they went to church. They all have baptism dates! :) I'm pretty happy. Pray for my investigators. Pray for the Samora Family, Hermana Villa SeƱor, Yuliana, and Hiatana. We are hoping to baptize five people! 

We had some really spiritual lessons. Especially with the Samora Family. They've had some hard things happen in their life, but ever since we have came to their house, they said that they are more at peace, and everything is better. They are reading the Book of Mormon and want to be baptized! Woo! I think the best was when we found them. It was 9:00 PM and I was walking to the house, and my companion just knocked the door randomly and I almost asked him what was he doing because we shouldn't be contacting at that hour. We can only get home late for being in a lesson, but the family opened up the doors and let us in. Basically, it's more important to follow the Spirit than trying to live like a stickler. We have rules, but the Spirit and the will of God is more important. It's like if someone is drowning and I know how to swim, I should help them if i can! So, that was pretty cool. Hermano Samora has a problem with smoking and ever since we have came to his house, he has stopped smoking! How awesome! This is a golden family!

We had a baptism in the ward. This sister has had more than a year investigating the church and now she got married, so she got baptized! Wooo! :) We have an investigator that we are waiting to baptized as well that hasn't gotten married. She is getting married next month, so I'm pretty happy! Sometimes the blessings come fast, and sometimes they come slowly, but they do come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stay strong in the faith! 

My companion is a really good worker, and works super hard. Really good example and really loves the people.

Can't wait to see you all in 33 days!!!! We have a bunch of work to do!

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