Monday, August 15, 2016

Life in the Field: A Crazy & Busy Week!

This week has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craziest week of my whole mission.

To start off the week, we did divisions. I was in the area with Elder Emery. It was a lot of fun being with an American for a few days. We were together from Monday through Wednesday night! We ate a ton of pizza.... soooo goood. It was good seeing Elder Starly. He is going home this week, same with Elder Struhs and Elder Sweeten. All of my buddies from the MTC. Only Elder Timpson and I are staying till the end!

The next day we started divisions with the Zone leaders, and I was with Elder Timpson in my area again. So while in divisions, the sisters in our ward called me. One of the sisters is new from Peru and her trainer is from the Dominican Republic. The sister from the Dominican Republic calls me and tells me that her comp. passed out after eating... and they're in route to the hospital. We go running to the hospital and they don't have her ID or her insurance card... so the sister that wasn't sick gives me the keys to her house and we go running to their house for the Info they need. Being in a house of sister missionaries is pretty weird... especially when they tell you that the id card and the insurance card is in her drawer where her clothes are.... hahaha! We ran back to the hospital with the info, we run inside of the emergency room, and gave her a blessing. President showed up right after, and everything was fine. It was a crazy day! 

We had a zone meeting on Friday and it was really fun. The picture where I'm on the floor and same with Elder Timpson, and with Sister Lagarda on the laps of the sisters is called the death picture... or end of mission picture... our lives of being a missionary is coming to an end but that means WE ARE COMING HOME SOON! WOOO!!!!

We had the baptism which went well. I was able to baptize :) She didn't get confirmed because she couldn't go to church, but she will be going to church next Sunday!

Today we went to downtown Morelia to buy some things and tacos. We went with Elder Atkins and Elder Rojas. It was super fun! It was packed!

While walking in downtown Morelia, I saw Iris, one of my investigators from Tarimbaro! She got baptized a few months back! I remember seeing her picture in the Lamanita. I was really happy to see her! We took a picture and talked for a little. She couldn't believe that I'm about to go home, and she said she will go to church in Camelinas this Sunday. 

We found five new people to teach which is nice. Pray for Yuliana and Haitana. We want to baptize them before I go home!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for Susana, Carla, Diana, and the Cortez Family!

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