Monday, August 8, 2016

Life in the Field: Final Countdown

This week was super duper awesome. But, first off with the bad news... the Samora family doesn't want to listen anymore.... that was sad, but we found more people to teach and we are helping a lot of less actives come to church again!

This week we are going to baptize!!!!!!!!!!! Her name is Emelia, and she is an Ex Jehovah Witness! Highlight of the mission! Baptize a JW! We had an awesome lesson with her. She said she didn't get an answer yet, and we asked if we could do a kneeling prayer.... she hasn't done a kneeling prayer in a long time due to knee problems, but she said that it was fine. We all kneeled down and she started to pray silently. We were praying for 20 minutes in silence and I tapped her shoulder. She got up and said that it was great to pray again kneeling down, and she said she knows it's true. She is 75 years old, and asked if she could give us a hug.... Haha! I wasn't sure what to do, but she is 75 so I said it was fine. We gave her a hug, and now she is going to get baptized this week! 

We went to Villa Madero again. While we were there it started to hail.... I lost a ton of hearing after that because we were in a super poor house with metal sheets for roofing... we were walking and they invited us in. Part of the house started to flood a little but nothing too bad. It was good that the floor was concrete. We taught a lesson and we are hoping to find more people in Villa Madero.

We also ate some tamales, and drank chocolate atole. Atole is awesome! It's a drink made out of corn, and then it can be flavored with chocolate, strawberry, ect, and it's awesome. A less active family gave it to us. It was a good night. 

We took a district photo because Sister Villagomez goes home today. She ended the mission and she is going to study! Same with me soon!

Today we played ultimate Frisbee, football, and basketball. I had some good goals today even though I suck a football! Haha! I also did my "My Plan" program today which talked about dating and marriage.... It made me laugh a ton. It's to prepare us for going home...

I love you all a ton!

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